Decorating your Garden in Style

Your outdoor decor can elevate the entire setting of the place

Beautiful gardens can be created in small spaces. The trick is selecting critical design elements that bring you pleasure and not to stuff everything into a tiny garden!

Decide the focus of your garden. Choose between having a flower/vegetable garden, a sit out garden, a play garden, etc.

Suggest ways to deck up the patio area

Using gorgeous plants, beautiful accessories and apt furniture can transform a confined location into a relaxing escape. Urban, Romantic, Sun, Low-maintenance, Rustic, Terrace and Minimalistic.

Invest in a range of planters and garden objects in unique shapes. Other popular choices could be to have some exotic pots in the area or a fountain.

Go for earthy lights, candle stands, driftwood pieces that sparkle your garden during get together.

Paint the back wall a rich vibrant red for a stunning contrast feature against the luscious green foliage. If you have lots of pots and planters in different sizes, a coat of the same bold shade can tie them together.

Have a unique cemented path in the middle of your garden. It brings a rustic feel to it.

Make a list of all the different kinds of flowers you want to have in your garden. Consider the climate you live in, and the growing season. Choose plants that have similar water requirements and are environment friendly.

Use rattan furniture that’s subtle and goes well with your setting. Use plush armchairs that are bold and fashionable to complement your garden.

Durable materials used in outdoor furniture

Choose material that is weather resistant, washable and environment friendly. Go for pieces that speak volumes and light up your garden.

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