Ways to transition of your home from Fall to Summers

Changing your home to bring in the summer.

The change should not be too stark, should not cost you much money and need’nt be complicated.

Just as you change your wardrobes, here are some simple ways to help you wave off the heat and bring in some style for summer.

For your contemporary living room, transform it using some bright color cushions, slip covers or curtains. Instead of deeper colors, go for Neons, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, etc. They add vibrancy to your living space.

Go for a light colored rug. If cushions are bright, go for pastel color shades of rugs. This adds a dimension of texture to your setting.

Remove the cozy patterns, warmer textures and blankets from your bedroom. Make your bedroom airy and fresh by adding the cool crisp white duvets.

If you have a garden in your house, with the summers setting in, add a water body to the area. This would make the area usable for a sit out, make the area cool, fresh and airy. How about choosing some animal objects for your space. These could be frogs, tortoise, reindeers, cranes, dogs, flamingos, etc.

Bring out patio furniture and improvise by arranging an outdoor table with a big umbrella to give off an island appearance and freshen up the paint on existing chairs.

Other popular choices could be to have some exotic pots in your area. Pots could be in trendiest colors such as Yellow, Parrot Green, Turqoise, Orange, etc. Make sure the design is plain and simple.

Add some paintings to your living area. Bring in abstract splash of colors when the sun starts to rise. Add in seasonal flowers to make a beautiful flower arrangement.