How about getting a little more east to our homes this season?

Bright flashes of hot reds, ornate wall murals and rich wooden cabinet carved to perfection – traditional Chinese interior design is recognized across the world.

Bringing in more of East has created a style which reflects “subdued luxury” as well as retaining the clean sharp lines of traditional Chinese Interiors.

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You can achieve the modern oriental look by keeping to a neutral colour pallet including smokey grey’s, sandalwood and mahogany – add Cream and gold for an Oriental twist.


The picture described shows a Chinese script sofa concept. Along with it a Table depicting a Japanese man pulling the cart. The Chinese bar along with it takes you back into history. The tassels on the bar stool, the Chinese fan on the wall along with the Chinese chandeliers’ add so much of depth to this oriental concept.

Keep the furniture clean and simple, but don’t be afraid to “glam it up” with reflective lighting and crystal. Finish off the room with beautifully smelling flowers and candles to really add a calming mood.


You could also experiment with some gorgeous Chinese Lights in the living area.

Decorate your restrooms with Lighted Monks or Buddhas. Don’t forget they are all Oriental origin and can bring the feel of a spa at home.


Accessorize your garden with some a unique Buddha planter. They symbolize peace and sanctity in the house.

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Asian style interior design takes its cue from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and other Eastern cultures. Asian design influences contemporary interiors with spaces for relaxation, feng shui furniture arrangements, Asian-style upholstery, use of silk, Chinese statues, etc.